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We have over 15 years of experience in trading stocks and seven years' worth of cryptocurrency. We are giving you the exact strategies we use to make money on your account!

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We don't touch your Crypto wallet, your funds or ask for any details that would expose your investments to our team or network.

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Our system is designed to be easy for everyone, from first-time traders to experienced veterans. This gives you the power of direct access to a working platform.

Blockchain technology

Harnessing insight and research means our trades on blockchain assets are on average 97% precise each month.

Global network

Our research and trading teams are split across four time zones, allowing us to quickly pick up on market movements and trends.

Endlessly scalable

Whether you want a side income from precision crypto trading or scale up to generate a nice pot of coins, our system can scale depending on your goals.

The Only Crypto Signal Provider You'll Need

Learning how to choose a coin with the potential for explosive growth separates great cryptocurrency traders from the rest.

This is especially true now that crypto traders have turned in a profit worth millions of dollars after investing a few coins with just a few bucks early on. Due to the crypto gold rush, more people want to get their hands on the proverbial pie that professional traders indulge themselves in currently.

However, keeping an ear on the pulse of the crypto space for crypto trading signals requires skill, luck, and tools at your disposal.

With Side Hustle as your crypto signal provider, we will provide you with resources to help you find the best upcoming coins in the crypto market. This way, you can buy its low entry price and sell high when the currency is at its peak!

Let’s be honest here: you don’t want to miss another Bitcoin price explosion when all the previous coin buyers are now millionaires and are swimming in cash. And it’s bad enough that bitcoin trading signals are trending up with no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

Back then, bitcoin signals were next to non-existent, which made trading difficult and less accessible. Nowadays, you have no excuse now to miss the boat on the next Bitcoin with crypto signal providers like Side Hustle around!

Why You Should Join Side Hustle Instead of Free Crypto Signal Providers

There are Telegram groups out there that offer free crypto signals to members to stay updated regarding the pricing forecasts.

However, while there’s value in joining these groups to receive free trading signals, there’s no guarantee regarding the accuracy and reliability of their technical analysis. There’s only so much information you can get from these crypto signals Telegram groups because they’re not receiving funds from members to sustain their community.

Thankfully, you won’t have this problem with a paid crypto signals platform like Side Hustle. You receive daily updates and monthly reviews of the best crypto trading signals of the different coins in the market using blockchain technology.

You also get automated alerts regarding the best trades to make. We base our recommendations on the technical and fundamental analysis conducted by our experienced traders and with help from AI.

From here, you can determine the buy range of a coin so you can get your money’s worth. From established coins you’re currently invested in, you can prepare an exit strategy for each so you can set a price where you can sell them and lock in a profit.

More importantly, our customer support will provide you with all the help you need to get your feet wet regarding cryptocurrency signals.

From here, you can leverage the knowledge you’ll receive from our support group and leverage our platform to make informed decisions as to which coins to trade and keep in the crypto signals space.

Consider your paid monthly membership on Side Hustle as an investment. The more you take advantage of the resources available at our disposal as a crypto signals provider, the more success you’ll have as a trader!

How we work

From Crypto newbie to long time HODL'er we've got you covered


Sign Up - We limit numbers to ensure a quality of service. Once you're notified of an available slot, sign up to our system and pay your monthly membership fee.


Onboard - We're not a fan of automated onboarding, so one of our team will be in touch to give you the rundown within 24 - 48 hours of your sign up.


Automates Signals - We trade based on data research and AI which makes us super effective. Our system will alert you on what trades to make as and when we releases them.


Scale - We always advise to scale slowly, Crypto can be extremely fast moving. Therefore we recommend a slow build up into leveraging more risk as you feel comfortable in doing so.


Our members are already automating their crypto trading by using our service and signals.

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  • Daily Updates & Monthly Reviews
  • Full Signals
  • Automation
  • Customer Support
  • Daily Updates & Monthly Reviews


We've put our most commonly asked questions below but if you need more clarity, please let us know

Whilst we cannot guarantee every trade will make you money, it’s certainly our aim for this to happen. However all your coins belong to you and we do not have any access to them.

The main coins we trade regularly are Bitcoin, and Ethereum, however we research all AltCoin markets and make trades against our research. 

Our core team is UK Based but our reach is global and support is offered across 4 time lines which covers most customers. 

Our Monthly sign up fee, a small monthly software free and of course exchange rates all come into play. However, we find our members all cover these costs and some with our trades. 

You will exchange fiat currency for crypto assets using well known and established exchanges. These form your assets to be allocated to trade. 

Your capital and profit is at risk, much like any trading or investment platform there is an inherent risk. Only trade what you can afford to loose.

This is to ensure a good quality of service. We’re a premium group who have make solid trades in bull and bear markets. we don’t aspire to be a huge group with a poor service offering. 

a Side Hustle Membership 

a crypto wallet we recommend binance

basic exchange knowledge 

Telegram, our secure messaging app of choice 

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